Save Lincolnshire Libraries: Original Objectives

Lincolnshire County Council is proposing to slash our Library Services
LCC plan to close all but 15 of our library buildings
They want to slash the hours of the remaining libraries
Mobile library stops will reduce from 400 communities to only 126
Buildings will be sold off. These will be lost forever
170 skilled library jobs will be lost

No library is safe
SaveLincsLibraries want libraries publicly funded and operated
They offer a safe place in which to read, study or go online
They offer a stimulating environment to encourage children to read
They are vital hubs of information for the local community
Our library buildings are community assets which cannot be replaced

Who are we?
Save Lincolnshire Libraries is a campaign group from across Lincolnshire Communities

What do we think?
We SAY NO to all cuts to our vital library services.
Our most vulnerable people will be most affected by the proposals

What are we doing?

  • We are campaigning across our county to protect Lincolnshire’s vital library
  • services
  • We are gathering petition signatures to oppose these cuts
  • We are holding public meetings and protests; no pre-booking required!
  • We are working with councillors, trade unions, organisations and individuals

What can you do?

  • Join your library and use your library service
  • Sign our petition available online at this link: County Wide Petition
  • Promote the petition with friends, family, work colleagues through social media
  • Attend local public meetings held by campaigners and by Lincolnshire County
  • Council
  • Collect petition signatures, call 01476 574748 for paper copies
  • Complete the County Council Consultation Document  (deadline Sept 30th)
  • Write to your County Councillor and County Council Cabinet
  • Follow us on Twitter @savelincslibs
  • Join our Facebook Group:

The Cabinet members are:-
Martin Hill (Cons), Patricia Bradwell (Cons), Colin Davie (Cons), Peter Robinson (Cons),
Richard Davies (Cons), Sue Woolley (Cons), Barry Young (Cons), Nick Worth (Cons) Reg Shore (Lib Dem)

Save Lincolnshire Libraries: in detail

Lincolnshire County Council are proposing massive cuts to public library services in Lincolnshire. The Save Lincolnshire Libraries campaign has been set up to protest against these destructive changes, and to make the case for public libraries in the county.

The council want to remove funding from of all but 15 of the county’s 44 public libraries, and to cut 170 library jobs. If they get their way, huge areas of Lincolnshire will be left without a professionally-run library service.

Save Lincolnshire Libraries say:

“The county council say they’ll run a public consultation in July, to ‘gauge the appetite’ for cuts to public libraries. We don’t think the people of Lincolnshire have any ‘appetite’ to lose their valued local library, and we’ll continue to campaign against these destructive cuts to public services.”

Under the council’s plan:

  • 29 libraries will close unless volunteers agree to run them for free.
  • Library opening hours will be reduced even in larger towns like Horncastle and Market Rasen.
  • Hundreds of places in Lincolnshire could lose their regular visits from the mobile library.
  • School library budgets will be cut to zero.
  • PC access in libraries will be reduced, just as more and more people need to access services online.

Like all councils, Lincolnshire has a statutory obligation to provide a “comprehensive and efficient” library service (Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964). We believe that these cuts would leave the county without a comprehensive service, and that the most deprived rural & coastal areas of Lincs would be hardest hit.

Libraries provide access to all sorts of information and support – it’s not just books! Book loans may have decreased from their peak, but people are still visiting and using libraries. 17 people every second use library services in the UK.

Libraries are particularly important to families with young children, pensioners, jobseekers, and foreign migrants learning English so that they can integrate into British society. There are particular problems in Lincolnshire with “hidden” poverty and social exclusion in isolated rural & coastal areas. Library cuts will only make this situation worse.

Increasingly, people can only access services online (e.g. job applications, government information and services) – there’s no other way to get this information if you’re one of the ten million people in the UK without access to the internet at home.

We’re not anti-volunteering! Volunteers and community groups can bring enthusiasm and passion to local libraries, but professionally-managed services ensure quality and equality for all library users, including the most vulnerable people in society.